How to prepare your dog for the groomer

There is no denying that for countless people, their pet is family. Pets provide us with unyielding companionship, love, loyalty, and owning a pet has even proven to reduce stress, loneliness, and even depression. There are countless ways to pay it forward when it comes to treating your pet but one of the most important ways is to regularly groom your dog by a professional. Grooming has many benefits including maintaining a healthy coat, skin, ears, teeth, and nails. Not to mention the way it feels to pick up your pet after a grooming appointment when they look at smell great! 

A professional and experienced groomer will listen to what the owners want and follow-through, have a clean shop, a great attitude, and love pets! But did you know there are several things you can do as a pet owner to make the experience more seamless for your pet and your trusted groomer? Read below for some tips. 

Begin Early

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks or so they say. The same is true for introducing grooming if your dog has never been to one. As soon as you get a dog, begin slowly by touching your four-legged friend’s paws often to get them accustomed for future nail trimmings, brush them as often as you can, and check their ears and teeth. All these actions will be remembered by your pet and make them commonplace so when the groomer touches them it won’t be a new experience for them. 

Be Specific 

Experienced groomers work with a lot of dogs day in and day out, along with a wide variety of breeds. Just as no two dogs are alike, the type of style and cut an owner prefers differs as well. Be direct with your groomer about your expectations and don’t be afraid to show photos of examples of what you are looking at. This will give your groomer a better idea of how close of a cut you are looking for, as well as overall style. Also, be forthcoming with any issues your pet might have or sensitive areas (such as tumors) that they should avoid or be cautious about. 

Avoid lengthy send offs 

Pet’s are very intuitive and can pick up easily on anxiety you might be feeling toward the appointment. To avoid your dog becoming scared, try your hardest to remain calm, drop them off and leave. If possible, avoid checking in on your pet in-person mid-appointment, have confidence in your groomer. Visiting your pet mid-session will only cause excitement and distress in your pet. Allow your groomer the full time dedicated to your appointment and only come to pick up your pet when the groomer calls to tell your pet is ready. 

At Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor, our state-of-the-art grooming salon is staffed with trained professionals ready to provide your pet with a range of services including, Bath & Blow-dry, Brushing, Pedicures, Ear Care, Canine Styles and Skin Treatments. Special skin and coat treatments are available by request. Our professional staff skillfully grooms all breeds by appointment. Pricing is based on breed, size, coat condition and temperament. Please call (815) 899-3435 for an estimate. Visit us online today to learn more! 

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